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Main Control Units (MCU) are connected to each point where energy consumption needs to be managed, for example room air conditioners and parking lot lights.

The MCU fits neatly in-line on the power cord and can normally be installed in minutes.

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Its innovative wireless technology provides a truly low-cost retrofit option for existing facilities since it avoids expensive cabling and re-wiring.

The typical system consists of remote devices located at the electrical loads that are to be managed or monitored and a central hub where the data is aggregated and processed.

UDP transport protocol was used to avoid the delay because of reliability in TCP.

Here in voice communication link the requirement was to lower down the delay as much as possible even if there is any quality loss or packet drop because of unreliability.

MCUs are also available in a low voltage configuration where it utilizes existing low voltage controllers such as thermostats to control a large load.

For electrical loads that require monitoring only, for example dryers and water heaters and no switching on/off, the system can include one or more u-METER devices to measure the power being consumed and transmit the data wirelessly to the Control Server.The INNGAUGE system can be configured via the built in software in the Control Server using browser-based screens for data entry.When the system is configured, each managed load is labeled with its location and what appliance etc. System users can also be set up with levels of authority so that ability to modify the system is restricted.The INNGAUGE systems multiple input capabilities provide the ability to gather and relay any data necessary to make sound energy management decisions.For example occupancy can be monitored with motion sensors and the system can be capable of communicating with compatible digital thermostats.Responsibilities: Environment : ARM platform TI OMAP35xx EVM, Open Embedded Linux Platform: Android Framework, Linux, Debian Scope: Middleware Development, Kernel-Drivers Development and Board Bring Up (TS-7553 and TS-7550) Environment: C Hide...

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