Dating rules bullshit Strap on sex hook up

There Tom was, sitting at a table with a brunette woman, each of them …Now this “good decent man” is supposed to wait for 90 days for sex while this same woman who promises to be faithful to him is probably dropping those same panties in less than an hour for every other dude out there.

Good men are just supposed to settle for less when it comes to women.

We’re supposed to just sit there and wait for women to finish having all their fun for 90 straight days and then when she we’re worthy of her (spent enough money on her) she’s supposed to offer us sex.

Any Man who follows Steve Harvey’s stupid rule is just going to get used by meal and drink hoes who will get three months of free dinners, free drinks and free movies out of them then broom them to the curb without offering up any sex at all.

After these women have had their fill of food and good times they’ll just tell a guy “it’s just not working out” and then go back to whatever thug, dope boy or whoever they were sleeping with during those 90 days.

My buddy in DC tried the tricks at bars and nearly had security (doormen) called on him multiple times.

One pal in London got clocked by a jealous boyfriend.

I have no hesitation to cut my losses, jump out of the nearest window and run a mile, quicker than you can say, Why the hell did I swipe right?

Even when I hear the quietest chime of an alarm bell, I’m out of there.

When a Real lady is attracted to a man, she makes every effort to close that deal as soon as she can so she can work towards making that relationship between them exclusive.

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