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All washed down with an old fashioned or two, of course.

Saturday was spent cleaning out our closets, a chore that we both needed to desperately complete, but like most chores, had been putting off for months.

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It is also works on the development of independent and quality journalism in support of democratic, social and economic development.

The Africa office serves as Secretariat for the Federation of African Journalists (FAJ) and represents 40 members organisations across the continent, while also running trade union development, press freedom and safety of journalists activities, as well as campaigns on access to information. Our upcoming activities include the conferences on Confronting Austerity in Journalism in Vienna, Journalism Ethics: Creating Diveristy and Inclusiveness in the Media in Wuzburg, and finally the EFJ Annual Meeting in Moscow. During the last ten years, the IFJ has developed an extensive working programme in the region, run from its headquarters in Brussels.

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You get to yell, drink beer, eat junk food, and just hang out – what’s not to like?

After watching a few more episodes of Chronologically Lost, Kramer and I headed over to The Warsaw to watch the game on three giant big-screen TVs, drink beer, and eat wings and nachos with Rachel, Matt, Adam, Hannah, and Morgan.It actually snowing in New York; I almost don’t believe it.Last year was unseasonably warm, and while it was nice not having to avoid patches of ice or carry an umbrella to protect yourself from the snow, it’s just plain weird to not have winter feel like winter. I know that I said last week that I really wanted a little bit, and that’s exactly what we’ve been getting.Visit the IFJ AWME English website or AWME Arabic website to find out more.Upcoming activities include the South Asia Media Solidarity Network sub-regional meeting in Kathmandu, union leadership, media rights monitoring and the end impunity a plateform aimed at communication professionals or assimilated. These trade unions are also part of the Journalists Federation for Latin America and Caribe (FEPALC), which was formed in 2004.


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