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Kavita says you only have one chance at a first impression so why not make it everlasting?

Whether it’s a first date or a cosy night in, she’ll give you expert tips tailor made just for you.

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She’s worked with Sotheby’s and featured in Absolutely Notting Hill magazine.

Kavita’s passion for fashion and years of experience styling world renowned clientele means she’s got the magic wand for even the most manic wardrobe.

She always played an evil character in dramas I've watched before but here she was so lovably dramatic and fun! Wonderful story, amazing cast and altogether really awesome production! The reasons why they do all bad things are explained very well.

I can't believe near the end of the drama, I can forgive all the villains even love them more than the protagonists. Best couple for me : Maknae's couple Best villain for me : Hong Gi-pyo Best character for me : Min Hyo-sang Anyone notice early in season when Kang Tae-Yang broke his arm...

Project 143 is UK’s first award-winning, elite matchmaking agency for Asian professionals. We meet all potential members before they join our membership. Aneeka Patel is the founder of Project 143, our chief matchmaker and Asian dating expert.

Bringing together expert advice and eligible singles, we create authentic and meaningful dating experiences. We understand client requirements and tailor our service to those needs. If you want to meet professional, progressive, interesting, intelligent and genuine singles without the algorithms and game playing then Everyone has the right to choose love. She decided to leave her career in law and dedicate herself to providing elite matchmaking services to Asian professionals. The rise of apps and online dating sites was becoming a modern day threat to authentic and meaningful dating, and she had to do something about it.

James is a pioneer in the field, a go-to expert for likes of Men’s Health, Cosmopolitan and e Harmony.

You might know him as the author of Amazon bestseller I Will Make You Click.

But you won’t find it written in the stars or hidden in the usual places. Hence, Project143 was born – a personal matchmaking agency where there is a real chance of success.

It’s now, in the moment, doing something different, committing to the cause. Aneeka explains in this video how Project 143 can help…

They create gorgeous, show-stopping photos that help you stand out and attract more dates.

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